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Menorca 2011

19 November, 2011

Here we are, November 2011 already!

What a fantastically busy summer season we have had.  It seems so strange now to visit places such as Son Bou and not be surrounded by lots of people enjoying their summer holidays – more like a ghost town at the moment.

The weather was a bit of a mixed bag at the beginning of summer but then, once it had made its mind up to stick with the sunshine, we had lots of it – days on end of beautiful blue skies and temperatures well into the 30’s.   We had plenty of visitors over summer, which was lovely,  just a shame we weren’t also on holiday 🙂

Now we are already over half way through November with Christmas looming closer and closer.  I love Christmas over here – none of the hype we are subjected to “back home” – makes a refreshing change and also means you don’t get brain-washed into thinking you need to spend far more than you need to.  Wonder whether we’ll be able to sit outside on the patio to eat our Christmas dinner this year!


January 2009

16 January, 2009

31st January 2009

A mild morning – thermometer said 13.6 degrees C at 8.30 a.m.  Now up to 14 degrees but a cloudy day with no sign of the sunshine as yet (11.20 a.m.).  Slight breeze.

30th January 2009

Foggy (?) start to the morning over Es Castell/Mahon.  Not sure whether foggy is the right description, might have been sea mist or something else, but definitely reduced visibility.  Mild again with temperatures around 14/15 degrees C.

29th January 2009

Another lovely day but a few more clouds around.  When the sun did come out it felt very warm – around 17/18 degrees C at least.

28th January 2009

Beautiful day but not sure of the temperature as I was out all day with Martin, cleaning swimming pools.  Felt very warm – jacket off, sleeves rolled up sort of warmth so it must have been around 18/19 degrees C.  Very little breeze and overall a lovely day in Menorca!

27th January 2009

Started off wet and cool but the sun soon came out and temperatures have been around 12-13 degrees C (in the shade) though the thermometer outside the chemists in St Clement said 19 degrees!  Quite breezy which does make it feel cooler.

26th January 2009

Quite breezy at times, plenty of sunshine but a couple of short rainfalls first thing.  Temperature fluctuating between 11 – 13 degrees C.

25th January 2009

Beautiful day today.  The winds have dropped (though I believe they are back with us later in the week) and the sun has been shining all day – thermometer at the Mahon roundabout said 15 degrees – very, very pleasant.

24th January 2009

Very windy today but very mild too – around 15/16 degrees so quite pleasant if you are sheltered from the wind.  Very sunny too.

23rd January 2009

Started off feeling quite mild but (and it might just be me) it now feels quite a bit cooler.  Temperature is supposed to be arround 15 degrees but it doesn’t feel quite as warm as that to me.  The forecast thingy on the home page of our website is proving to be quite accurate and has a good indication of the next 15 days if you want to check it out.

21st & 22nd January 2009

Oops!  I knew I had something to do.  Not really alot to report about the weather over the last couple of days, sunshine, slight breeze and the odd shower.  Temperatures around 12-14 degrees C but does feel a little colder if not in a sheltered spot.

20th January 2009

Around 12 degrees C this morning though in the direct sunshine it feels more like 14-15 degrees.  Lovely and sunny with a few cluds around.  The wind has dropped considerably since yesterday/last night though there is a slight coolish breeze.

19th January 2009

Temperatures around 14-15 degrees with quite a strong, blustery wind.  Feels milder than it has for the last few days.

18th January 2009

Around 12/13 degrees C with a coolish wind.

17th January 2009

A mixture of sunshine and clouds so far today, with a fairly steady temperature of around 13 degrees C (in the shade).  No wind to speak of, though looking at the forecast for next week, it looks as though it is on its way!

16th January 2009

Well, today has been beautiful, sunny and fairly warm with a light wind.  Temperature has been around 12 degrees C though in the direct sunshine it has felt warmer.

My husband (Martin) came in from work this afternoon and said the digital thermometer at the big roundabout in Mahon (on the road from Es Castell) said the temperature was 19 degrees, and the one on the port said 12.

View from our balcony this morning

View from our balcony this morning