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SORTED – Long term villa rental in Menorca

19 November, 2011

We are in the unfortunate position of having to find a new home, yet again.  The villa we are currently renting has been sold (despite assurances of probably being here for a couple of years).

If anyone knows of anyone looking to rent their villa out for at least two years, I would be really grateful if you could let us know.  The areas we are interested in include Sant Lluis, Sant Climent, Alior, Es Castell and everywhere inbetween.  We would prefer a villa with a minimum of 3 bedrooms and a pool would be nice, though not essential.  Unfortunately apartments would not be suitable as my husband has a lot of equipment he needs to store, such as a lawn mower (not the easiest of things to lug up and down stairs).

Any help would be gratefully received.


Menorca 2011

19 November, 2011

Here we are, November 2011 already!

What a fantastically busy summer season we have had.  It seems so strange now to visit places such as Son Bou and not be surrounded by lots of people enjoying their summer holidays – more like a ghost town at the moment.

The weather was a bit of a mixed bag at the beginning of summer but then, once it had made its mind up to stick with the sunshine, we had lots of it – days on end of beautiful blue skies and temperatures well into the 30’s.   We had plenty of visitors over summer, which was lovely,  just a shame we weren’t also on holiday 🙂

Now we are already over half way through November with Christmas looming closer and closer.  I love Christmas over here – none of the hype we are subjected to “back home” – makes a refreshing change and also means you don’t get brain-washed into thinking you need to spend far more than you need to.  Wonder whether we’ll be able to sit outside on the patio to eat our Christmas dinner this year!