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Weather in Menorca over Winter

25 February, 2010

Crikey, I cannot believe it was November when I last posted on here.  We are now in February 2010 – where on earth has the time gone?

Well, weather-wise, as said in my last post, it has been a mixed bag.  Strange really because apart from definitely winter, and definitely summer, there doesn’t seem to be much in between.  It has been cold, very cold due to the wind, and damp, over the last couple of months and we even had snow for a day!  It actually feels colder than it did back home in the UK alot of the time and this is apparently because it is such a little island and surrounded by water, so mix in the wind and it feels very cold and damp – goes right through to your bones.

The walls inside most of the villas, apartments etc.  tend to suffer badly over winter and nearly everyone I speak to accepts that you need to get a few bottles of bleach, rubber gloves, scouring pads and start cleaning off the mildew which is very common.

Anyway, we have been fortunate enough to have had a few very nice days, especially when sheltered from the wind so fingers crossed things are starting to improve a bit.  Certainly not as cold as it was and even our 10 little tortoises have all popped out to eat a bit of fresh greenery.  I was a little worried that a few of them might have perished over winter but no, they all look absolutely fine and healthy.

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