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June 2009

2 June, 2009

17th June – 30th June 2009

The last day of June already – where has the month gone?  Well, apart from 3-4 days when it was a mixture of clouds and strongish breeze (and I think there was a very brief shower) the month has been blisteringly hot – hotter than the norm for Menorca in June apparently.  Even during the overcast days it was still very pleasant, temperature-wise, in fact it was a bit of a welcome respite.  This morning when I checked the thermometer (in the direct sun) it was at 42 degrees C – thank goodness for swimming pools!  See you in July.

16th June 2009 –

I have decided not to add daily updates unless anything changes dramatically (to avoid boring everyone).  So, if there are no new entries you can take it that it is still lovely and sunny and warm and very enjoyable 🙂

15th June 2009

Sunshine all day but very humid too which made it feel very warm indeed.  Still 27.8 at 9 p.m.!

14th June 2009

Very hard to remember just how cold and damp it was in November/December.  Another beautiful day today – temperature currently 32.4 degrees C (8.25 p.m.)

13th June 2009

And another very, very warm day – broke out into a sweat just pushing a hoover around this morning – should have waited until after I had done it before I had my shower!  Live and learn.  Remained very warm for the whole day, so warm in fact that eating our tea in the bbq area, which is in the direct sunshine around 5-6 p.m. proved too much for me to cope with so I had to move back under the shade!  Thermometer showing 25.7 degrees C at just gone 11 p.m.

12th June 2009

Yet more of the same – blue, blue skies, strong (and hot) sunshine and very little breeze.  Gorgeous day and lovely evening.

11th June 2009

Another wonderful day here in Menorca – clear blue skies, lots of very warm sunshine – what more do you need?  Sun just gone down and still 28.1 degrees C (9 p.m.).

10th June 2009

Getting a little repetitive now – another lovely day with plenty of sunshine.  A slight breeze picked up in the afternoon and a few clouds appeared early evening.

9th June 2009

Lovely day, lots of sunshine and just a slight breeze.  A few clouds around but nothing to worry about.  Temperature currently around 28.8 degrees C at 5.50 p.m.

8th June 2009

Plenty of sunshine again today with a few clouds around but nothing major.  A bit more of breeze making it feel slightly cooler than of late.  Temperature currently showing 28.9 C in the sun (4.45 p.m.)

7th June 2009

Very short shower first thing, with a bit of accompanying thunder.  Then the sun came out for the rest of the day – lots of gardening done.

6th June 2009

Very hot and sunny day, all day.  Martin was doing some gardening for one of our customers whilst I did the weekly shop – went to pick him up and helped him finish off.  Drove home and both in the pool 10 minutes later – bliss.

5th June 2009

And another lovely day with plenty of sunshine and few fluffy clouds floating around.  Breeze was quite a bit stronger today and picked up more so during the evening, as did the cloud, but still very pleasant.

4th June 2009

Another superb day – lovely and warm and sunny but with a few more clouds around.  Now quite a covering of cloud (7.15 p.m.) but not the menacing type!  Still very warm – thermometer currently showing 27.6 degrees C.

3rd June 2009

Very sunny and very warm all day – slight breeze picked up during the day but only served to make it even more pleasant (and bearable in the direct sun!).

2nd June 2009

Happy Birthday Dad, wherever you are up there 🙂

Beautiful, beautiful day – very warm and not a cloud in the sky.  Not sure exactly what the temperatures were as each one I look at seems to give a different reading.  The one in the direct sun this morning, at around 9.30 a.m. showed 35 degrees C, and it certainly felt very hot.  Still warm now at 10 past 11 at night – 22.3 degrees C.

1st June 2009

A mixture of cloud and sunshine, with more sun than cloud – feeling very warm in the direct sunshine and very little breeze.