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May 2009

3 May, 2009

31st May 2009

Overcast for most of the day with steady rain.  No breeze so still felt very mild – around mid 20’s.

30th May 2009

Another very hot and sunny day – thermometer was showing around 35 degrees C in the direct sunshine a couple of hours ago.  Showing 25 degrees C in the shade.  Too hot to sit out in it for very long.

29th May 2009

Wind finally dropped which left a very sunny and very hot day.  Not sure what the actual temperature was as I was out with my husband cleaning swimming pools – but it felt extremely hot!

28th May 2009

Totally clear, blue skies but very blustery which made it feel quite alot cooler than of late.  Breeze still going strong early evening though thermometer showing 20.1 C at 10.15 p.m. – not sure I believe it!

27th May 2009

Sunny and bright but with quite a gusty wind throughout most of the day.  Did feel quite a bit cooler in the breeze, but definitely not unpleasant.  Wind calmed down early evening and temperature currently showing 23.8 C (at 8.20 pm).

26th May 2009

A bit of a cloudy start to the day but soon gave way to blue skies and plenty of sunshine.   Quite a strong breeze in certan areas but still very warm in the direct sunshine.

25th May 2009

Started off, very early, with clear blue skies but quickly became very cloudy for the rest of the day.  Odd spells of sunshine, and still warm.  Clouds disappeared again around 5-6 p.m. to leave a very pleasant evening.

24th May 2009

A very sunny and warm start to the day but thickening cloud arrived around lunchtime, very suddenly!  Disappeared again about an hour later to leave another lovely day with a bit of breeze.  Slightly cooler than the last few days but still very, very pleasant.

23rd May 2009

Very, very warm today – thermometer showing up to 32.8 degrees in the direct snshine and with very little breeze, it felt VERY hot.  Put the thermometer on the subed late afternoon and it shot up to 45 degrees so can only think it was the heat o the sunbed matress which was making it rise so dramatically – though it was hot generally!

22nd May 2009

A lot more cloud around today but still very warm.  A bit of a breeze but not upleasant.  Temperatures well into the late 20’s/early 30’s.

21st May 2009

Nothing new to report – more sunshine and high temperatures with a bit of a breeze – another lovely day in Menorca.

20th May 2009

More sun, more high temperatures – thermometer was still showing around 32 degrees C in the direct sun at about 6 p.m.  A bit more of a breeze, which was very welcome!

19th May 2009

Very sunny, very hot – crikey – what is July and August going to be like?  Very little breeze today which made it very, very warm in the direct sunlight.

18th May 2009

And another beautiful day – a bit of a misty start but it didn’t hang around for long, then clear blue skies and just a slight breeze.  Very warm in the direct sun.

17th May 2009

Another lovely sunny, warm day.  There were a few more clouds about but nothing which prevented the sun’s rays from breaking through for most of the day.  Temperature at the moment showing 25.6 degrees C (6.40 p.m.).

16th May 2009

Beautiful sunny and warm day with barely a cloud to be seen.  Our thermometer was showing 30 degrees + in the direct sunshine.

15th May 2009

Much windier today and feeling quite a lot cooler than the last few days.  Temperatures around 18-19 degrees C maximum.  Wind and clouds decreased by late afternoon.

14th May 2009

A bit like yesterday’s weather with sunshine during the morning and cloud thickening during the afternoon/evening.  A light shower in the evening with a bit heavier rain during the night, though apparently there was a lot more rain elsewhere on the island.

13th May 2009

A lovely sunny and warm start to the day with increasing cloud during the afternoon.  Felt rather humid by late afternoon/early evening and we did think we were in for some rain, but it didn’t appear.

12th May 2009

Plenty of sunshine during the morning but then alot of cloud around in the afternoon and evening.  Still nice and warm though.

11th May 2009

Quite a misty start to the day and a little more breeze than the last few days.  Mist cleared quickly to leave another lovely sunny and warm day.

10th May 2009

Quite a bit more cloud around today though only a very thin layer.  Sun coming out, on and off, throughout the day.  Still nice and warm – warm enough to have Sunday luch outside on the patio.

9th May 2009

And another lovely day.  A little bit more cloud around today so the sun didn’t feel quite so intense, as it has the last couple of day, but still, very, very nice – felt a bit humid at times.

8th May 2009

Another very sunny and very warm day, with hardly any breeze.  Judging by the colour of my arms and shoulders, I think I spent a little too long outside gardening!

7th May 2009

Very sunny, very warm, very little breeze – another fabulous day.

6th May 2009

Beautiful sunny day and very warm.  Not much else I can say really.

5th May 2009

Looked a bit black and a few drops of rain first thing but the wind soon blew the clouds away.  Another sunny day but pretty windy, which did make it feel quite a bit cooler.  Temp in the shade is showing 18.5 degrees C at the moment (4.30 p.m.) so not bad really.

4th May 2009

Another lovely day but a bit more breezy than yesterday.  Still lovely and warm in the sunshine – up to around 22-23 degrees C.

3rd May 2009

Well this was our moving day and what a glorious day, possibly the warmest yet this year – just what you need when you are lugging big boxes around!  Not complaining though.  At nearly 8 p.m. the temperature outside is still showing 22 degrees C.

2nd May 2009

A bright and sunny day but still quite a cool breeze though lovely and warm if sheltered from it.  Temperatures anywhere between 17-23 (ish) degrees C.

1st May 2009

Oh what a night!  Extremely loud thunder and spectacular lightening, as well as lots and lots of rain.  Rain continuining into the morning but eventually cleared up by mid/late morning.  The afternoon had plenty of sunshine but quite a strong breeze which did make it feel fairly cool.