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April 2009

2 April, 2009

30th April 2009

Last day of April and what a lovely one.  Clear blue skies with very little breeze.  Temperatures around 25-26 degrees C for most of the day.

29th April 2009

Clear blue skies all day, with only the odd patch of fluffy white clouds floating by occasionally.  The breeze was a little chilly at times which made the heat  and strength of the sun rather deceiving – I now have red arms and legs to prove it.

28th April 2009

Cloudy for most of the day, with the odd glimpse of the sun.  Still feeling warm enough to sit outside with temperatures ranging from 19-21 degrees C.  Skies cleared by late afternoon to give a lovely clear and starlit evening.

27th April 2009

More sunshine and clouds with quite a cool breeze.  Lovely when the sun came out but felt a bit chilly when it disappeared back behind the clouds.

26th April 2009

A mixture of sunshine and clouds, depending on where you were!  Sunny in Es Castell during the afternoon but just beyond Sant Climent it was very cloudy with a few hints that the sun was there somewhere.  Temperature in shade showing 20.8 (at 5 p.m.) so still very pleasant.

25th April 2009

Alot more cloud around today with only a few glimpses of the sun.  Still fairly mild though and not unpleasant.

24th April 2009

Another beautiful day with plenty of very warm sunshine around.  Not sure what the actual temperature was but it was hot enough to burn if out in it for too long.  Slight breeze but very pleasant.

23rd April 2009

What a fabulous day – best one this year so far.  Temperatures still around 21-22 degrees C in the shade (at 7.45 p.m.).  A bit breezy but actually quite welcome today in the heat of the sun!

22nd April 2009

Not a bad day but far windier that it has been lately, making it feel a bit cooler.  A mixture of sunshine and clouds throughout the day.  Temperatures reaching around 18 degrees C in the shade.

21st April 2009

A very wet and miserable start to the day but the clouds soon parted and the sun came out.  Lovely for the rest of the day but quite a strong breeze.

20th April 2009

A lovely warm and sunny morning with clouds increasing during the afternoon.  By around tea-time the heavens opened, giving us the works.  Torrential rain, thunder, lightening and hailstone!

19th April 2009

Beautiful day with barely a cloud to be seen.  In the direct sunshine our thermometer showed temperatures of around 31-32 degrees C.

18th April 2009

Another sunny, bright day with temperatures reaching up to 20 degrees C in the shade.  A few spots of rain late afternoon though I believe there were a couple of heavy downpours in other areas of the island.

17th April 2009

Plenty of sunshine and blue sky with temperatures ranging from 16 – 20 degrees C (in the shade).  Bit of  a breeze but nothing untoward!

16th April 2009

Another sunny day with only one or two fluffy white clouds floating by – rather quickly because of the fairly strong breeze!  Temperatures much the same as yesterday.

15th April 2009

A lovely sunny start to the day with temperatures throughout the day ranging between 17 – 20 degrees C.  Very dark clouds appeared for a while midday(ish) and I understand there were some very heavy showers, though not here in Es Castell.  During the evening/night there was, however, plenty of rain about but this had cleared by morning.

14th April 2009

Woke up to brilliant blue skies and sunshine, which remained for the whole of the day.  A bit of a breeze which did make it feel slightly cooler if not sheltered.  Temperatures in the shade showing between 17-19 degrees C.

13th April 2009

A very grey and wet early start to the day but the forecast was for better things and, as promised, the rain stopped and the sun came out pretty early on in the day.  Quite a breeze which did make it feel slightly cooler but generally a very nice day.

12th April 2009

A very grey and damp day.  Also quite cold but that didn’t put us off enjoying a BBQ and then a very competitive egg rolling race – well done Max.

11th April 2009

A mixture of sunshine and clouds with quite a strong breeze.  Very pleasant though with temperatures ranging between 19-23 degees C.

10th April 2009

Mainly sunny but odd spells of cloudiness.  Nice and warm in the direct sunshine though the breeze did make it feel cooler if you were in an unsheltered area.  Lovely day.

9th April 2009

Very wet and miserable during the morning but cleared up over lunchtime with plenty of sunshine during the afternoon.  Quite breezy.

8th April 2009

Cloudy start to the day but cleared up and turned into a lovely warm day again.

7th April 2009

Plenty of sunshine for most of the day.  Clouded over around 4ish and felt quite alot cooler because of the breeze.

6th April 2009

Lots of sunshine with hardly a cloud in sight.  Breeze quite cool though which took me by surprise – wished I’d taken a cardi/jacket with me on our visit to Mahon.

5th April 2009

Beautiful sunny and warm day, so nice in fact, that we had Sunday lunch outside, complete with Christmas Pudding(!) which my daughter kindly brought across with her.  Lovely afternoon with all the family, and one or two glasses of wine.  Temperature around 26/27 degrees C.

4th April 2009

Sunshine and a couple of showers first thing and then things just got better.  Sunshine for most of the day with a few clouds occasionally getting in the way.  So nice we spent a lovely couple of hours on the beach at Es Grau.

3rd April 2009

Another rainy day with some quite heavy showers at times.  Finally started brightening up by mid-late afternoon with the sun making brief appearances for the remainder of the day.

2nd April 2009

Will it every stop?  Well it did for a short time around 2.30 p.m. and then rained on and off for the rest of the afternoon/evening, with short spells of glorious sunshine in between – hopefully a sign of things to come in the next few days!

1st April 2009

Yet more rain.  A very grey and damp day with a couple of very short-lived sightings of the sunshine.