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March 2009

1 March, 2009

31st March 2009

Cloudy all day with periods of rain.  Not quite as breezy as the last couple of days so not feeling quite so cool.

30th March 2009

Another wet, breezy and grey day.  Feeling quite cool too.  Fingers crossed the sun soon makes a welcome appearance!

29th March 2009

Rain, rain and more rain!  A very wet day until late afternoon when it finally stopped and the sky cleared.  Quite a cool day with a gusty breeze making it feel cooler.

28th March 2009

A rainy start to the day but it did stop between around 10.30 – 11.00 a.m. but remained cloudy for most of the day.  The sunshine did manage to poke its head through a few times, for short periods.  Still feeling very mild though with temperatures between 18-20 degrees C.

27th March 2009

Yet another day, very similar to the last few though the breeze does have a bit more of cooler edge to it today.  Thermometer in the direct sunshine at 2 p.m. was showing 26 degrees C!

26th March 2009

Another day, very similar to yesterday – very pleasant.

25th March 2009

A mixture of sunshine and clouds and feeling nice and warm in the direct sun.

24th March 2009

Beautiful sunny and warm day until around 2ish when the clouds seem to appear from nowhere, together with quite a strong breeze.  Clouds eventually disappeared but remained quite blustery for the remainder of the day and night.

23rd March 2009

A lovely sunny and warm day with the breeze not feeling as cool as it has lately.  Thermometer is currently showing between 25-26 degrees C in the direct sunshine.

22nd March 2009

Another day very similar to yesterday.  Lovely  in the direct sunshine but the breeze has quite a cool feel to it.  Thermometer in direct sun is showing between 17-18 degrees C.

21st March 2009

Lovely sunny day again with a slight breeze which made it feeler cooler.

20th March 2009

More cloud around today and breeze a bit stronger than yesterday, making it feel a bit cooler than of late.  Plenty of sunshine mixed in the clouds though, so nothing to complain about.

19th March 2009

Another lovely day with clear blue skies.  Slightly cooler due to a light breeze but still very, very pleasant.

18th March 2009

Another warm and sunny day in paradise!  In the direct sunshine the temperature (on our thermometer) showed around 26-27 degrees C.

17th March 2009

Wonderful, blue skies, very little breeze and lovely and warm – still showing 24 degrees C on our thermometer at 4 p.m. (a bit of a sun trap though!).

16th March 2009

A bit more breezy today, with quite alot more cloud around.  Thermometer (in the shade) showing a maximum of up to 16 degrees, so still not bad really 🙂

15th March 2009

Quite a  bit cooler with a mixture of cloud and sunshine and a slight breeze.  Still very pleasant but definitely not as warm as yesterday.

14th March 2009

Fabulous day – temperature on our thermometer, in the full sun, was showing 33 degrees C over the lunchtime hours (honest!).  Ideal for sitting on “the Fons”, enoying a cool drink.

13th March 2009

Lovely and sunny and warm with temperatures in the shade around (at least) 18-19 degrees C.  Beautiful day.

12th March 2009

Sunny and breezy during the morning, with the winds dropping during the afternoon.  Very pleasant and warm in sheltered spots.

11th March 2009

More cloud than sunshine today (where I was anyway!) but still pretty good, temperature-wise.  A bit more sunshine in the afternoon with a light breeze.

10th March 2009

A mixture of sunshine and cloud, pretty much all day.  Temperatures still very pleasant and very little wind.

9th March 2009

Lots of sunshine during the morning then cloudy for much of the afternoon.  Skies cleared again late afternoon and temperatures throughout the day were very pleasant.

8th March 2009

Glorious day with beautiful blue skies and not a cloud in sight.  Temperatures up to around 20-21 degrees C.  So nice in fact that “sun stopped play” (gardening) and a trip to “The Fons” was in order for a cooling drink.  W0nderful.

7th March 2009

VERY windy but blue skies and sunshine all day.  Temperatures feeling slighter cooler because of the wind.  Wind finally calmed down around 6 p.m.

6th March 2009

A very wet and windy start to the day but the clouds eventually disappeared, leaving lovely blue skies.  Temperatures between 12-15 degrees again but remained very windy throughout the day.

5th March 2009

A mixture of sunshine and clouds but very windy.  Temperature anywhere between 12 -15 degrees.  Clouded over by teatime with lots of rain during the evening and night.

4th March 2009

Very wet start to the day and looked as though it was set to last.  Cleared up by mid/late morning and then a mixture of sunshine and cloud.  Temperature currently between 16-17 degees C.

3rd March 2009

Another pleasant day but with more cloud around.  Showers in the afternoon which turned much heavier during the evening/night.

2nd March 2009

Yet another lovely, sunny and warm day.  It did look as though it was going to pour down whilst we were in Son Bou around lunchtime but we seemed to escape any downpours when we headed back towards Mahon.  Clouded over by teatime but still feeling very mild.

1st March 2009

What a lovely day to start the month of March off.  Blue skies and very little breeze with temperatures at midday between 21-23 degrees C.  Starting clouding over by tea-time but still feeling very mild.