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February 2009

1 February, 2009

28th February 2009

Started off lovely and sunny but soon became cloudy.  Very damp and clammy feeling to the day, all day with temperatures quite a lot lower than yesterday.

27th February 2009

Yet another fabulous day – thermometer outside showed a reading of 25 degrees C in the direct sunshine around lunchtime.  Clear blue skies again with a very slight breeze.

26th February 2009

Another beautiful, sunny day with clear blue skies.  Slight chill in the breeze though, making the temperature feel a couple of degrees or so lower than yesterday, but still lovely.

25th February 2009

Beautiful day with thermometer showing around 23 degrees C in the direct sunshine.  Winds have dropped considerably – blue skies all around – wonderful.

24th February 2009

Very much the same as the last couple of days, pretty windy, with a cool feel to the breeze.  Out of the wind it feels lovely and warm.

23rd February 2009

Sunny and pretty windy.  Temperature up to around 20 degrees C if sheltered from the wind but the wind does have quite a chilly feel to it.

21st & 22nd February 2009

Both mainly sunny days with similar temperatures to 20th but quite breezy.

20th February 2009

Beautiful day – lots of sunshine and very little breeze.  Temperature in direct sunshine around 20-21 degrees C.

19th February 2009

Cloudy for most of the day with the odd moment of sunshine.  Temperatures ranging between 12-14 degrees C.

18th February 2009

A lovely day with temperatures reaching 21 degrees C in the direct sun!  Still quite breezy but the wind seems to have lost alot of the chill factor, which made for a very pleasant day indeed.

17th February 2009

Very similar to yesterday but possibly a little more sunshine.  Feels really quite cool in the wind but in a sheltered place, in the sunshine – lovely.

16th February 2009

A mixture of cloud and sunshine with quite a cool breeze.  In the shade the temp didn’t get much above 10 degrees C.

15th February 2009

A beautiful day.  Very light breeze with temperatures in the direct sunshine reaching around 19/20 degrees C.

14th February 2009

Wet, cold and windy for most of the day, with the rain finally stopping late afternoon.

13th February 2009

Very similar to yesterday – very windy still and temperatures around the same.  Wind slowly died down by late afternoon/early evening, and then the rain started.

12th February 2009

A very windy, but bright and sunny day.  Temperature around 10-11 degrees C in the shade but felt considerably warmer in the direct sun, especially if you were able to shelter from the strong winds!

11th February 2009

The day started and ended with showers but for most of the rest of the day it was lovely and warm in the sunshine with temperatures between around 14-15 degrees C.

10th February 2009

Not such a bright and sunny day today, though the temperature was still around 15-16 degrees C (in the shade).  Right now my thermometer is showing 13.4 degrees, at around 8.30 p.m. The forecast had been for very strong winds but no sign of them here on the eastern side of the island.  Wind has been picking up a bit into the evening so it remains to be seen what tomorrow will bring!

9th February 2009

A beautiful day in Menorca.  Thermometer in direct sun says 23 degrees C and in the shade 18.  Blue skies and very little breeze – wonderful!

8th February 2009

A cool and wet morning but the sun came out around lunchtime.  The rest of the day was dry and breezy with temperatures not getting much anove 10-11 degrees C (in the shade).

7th February 2009

Wet and cool start to the day and remained pretty much the same for the rest of the day with temperatures not getting much about 10 degrees C.  Thunder, lightening, rain and hailstone (!) during the evening/night.

6th February 2009

Fairly sunny start but cloud thickening during the morning and now it’s raining!  Thermometer showing 10.1 degrees C.

5th February 2009

Another nice start to the day, mild and sunny though clouding over later in the afternoon.  Temperatures pretty much on a par with the last few days.

3rd & 4th February 2009

Two lovely days with temps between 14-16 degrees C (in the shade) and feeling much, much warmer in the sun.  A bit more of a breeze today but still very pleasant.  Temperature showing 13.2 at the moment (nearly 6 p.m.)

2nd February 2009

A grey and wet start to the day, though the thermometer showed a reading of 12.5 at 8.30 a.m.  As the day went on the clouds thinned and blue sky emerged, giving a very pleasant afternoon with temperatures ranging between 16-17 degrees C (in the shade).  In the full sun it felt very much warmer – a lovely day.

1st February 2009

A cool start to the day (around 7 degrees C) but warming up, with clear blue skies for most of the morning.  Cloudy during the afternoon with temperatures between 13-14 degrees C.